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Why Status Report? (On Water)

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

The quantity and quantity of drinking water the citizen get is an indicator of development of the people of the state. Perceptions about the drinking water scenario in Orissa have been a point of debate since quite some time. The media paints the drinking water scenario in the state as quite bleak. One will hardly find a community development block in the state from where the newspapers have not reported water scarcity or suffering of people not having access to potable water. But the claims by the government as well as the government documents give an altogether different picture. Government claims to have provided drinking water to all. At least that is what the statistics of tube wells and water supply schemes in Orissa say. These two different pictures of drinking water scenario in the state is so widely different that one fails to draw a conclusion about the real drinking water scenario in the State of Orissa.

Sal Seed Procurement and Trade Operations

Publication Date :15-Jul-2020