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Community Action in a Climate Change Regime

Publication Date :09-Feb-2012

Context and Background With 140 million people, Bangladesh is one of the world's densest nations and also one of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. People in Bangladesh live precariously close to the risks of cyclones, floods and droughts. More than 100 million people living in rural areas, mostly poor, add the vuluerability factors.

Community Forestry

Publication Date :01-Feb-2012

Community forestry has been commonly defined as involvement of local communities in the protection and/or management of public forests. Such a perception doesn't distinguish between community forestry, participatory forestry and other such related terminologies and therefore ignores the legal, social and other aspects of the actual relationship. We need to realize that such ignorance may sometimes do injustice to the people who endeavour to save the precious forest resources with a spirit so close to their heart and who demand no external interference in their relationship with their beloved forest patch. As per Revington's definition, quoted hereinafter, one of the essential parameters of community forestry should be clearly and legally defined boundaries.

The national consultation on corporate initiatives in developing the ntfp sector : scope & strategies

Publication Date :14-Mar-2012

Indian industries have been sourcing their raw materials from the rich & diverse nontimber forest product(NTFP) resources of the country since long

Legal Framework for Panchayats in Bio-resource Governance

Publication Date :18-Jun-2012

Bioresource governance primarily and immediately focuses on the governance of the living entities under jurisdiction, but practically it has to focus also on the non-living/abiotic entities like land and water as they form the habitat of the biotic elements.

Ama Jangal Amara

Publication Date :28-Jun-2012

Ama Jangal Amara

Jhar Darab

Publication Date :28-Jun-2012

Jhar Darab

Jhar Darab

Publication Date :28-Jun-2012

Jhar Darab

Rights recognised, but after two years of continuous struggle

Publication Date :27-Mar-2012

It was March 27th, 2012. There was a huge gathering at the Gram Panchyat office of Turiguda to receive the titles over the forest land on which they are cultivating for generation.The smiling faces were very prominent on that not, for on that day their rights got recognised.

District Level Interface-cum-Workshop on Forest Rights Act, 2006

Publication Date :21-Apr-2012

The Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006 is being implemented in the state since 1st January, 2008. Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC) is engaged in the proper implementation of the Act throughout the state including Kalahandi district since its year of implementation.

Proceedings of District Level Consultation on Different Issues Related to FRA- 2006

Publication Date :20-Jun-2012

The Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006 is being implemented in the state since 1st January, 2008. Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC) is engaged in proper implementation of the Act throughout the state of Odisha, India including Gajapati district since its year of implementation.

Water Resources of Odisha

Publication Date :01-Dec-2010

Estimations give an impression that Odisha has plenty of water resources. But the rate at which the myth of water being an infinite resource is breaking, also pose genuine questions on the belief of Odisha being a water resource rich state. Warning bells already have started ringing. Despite efforts by the governments and huge investments, population not having access to adequate quantity of water is increasing in leaps and bounds with every passing year. So what the status in Odisha really is? Let’s have a look at some stats and facts.

Community Forestry- Issue 25

Publication Date :10-Aug-2012

Community Forestry, Issue 25, April 2012

Ama Jangala Amara - Issue 56

Publication Date :10-Aug-2012

Ama Jangala Amara, Issue 56

Report of the Workshop on Community Forestry and REDD+, RCDC

Publication Date :10-Aug-2012

Report of the Workshop on Community Forestry and REDD+, RCDC

From Cash Crops to Carbon Sinks

Publication Date :17-Aug-2012

A study on land alienation in Odisha. The natural-resource-based life & livelihood is fast becoming a tradition of the past with the new generation focusing on careers and livelihood options that relate to a synthetic and artificial world. Resources are abandoned or alienated in this process, CPRs are ignored/neglected/encroached, and household/rural economy is more & more controlled by alien actors. Conventional cropping being replaced by pulpwood plantation is but a reflection of this misery.

Uniformity in Titles, End of Discrepancy in Sight

Publication Date :17-Aug-2012

RCDC has ensured, through advocacy, uniformity in titles issued to claims under FRA.

Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GoI, New Delhi, Notification

Publication Date :17-Sep-2012

Odiya version of the Forest Right Rules amendment 2012.

Role of Gram Sabha in FRA

Publication Date :29-Sep-2012

IEC material on Role of Gram Sabha in FRA

Sub Regional Workshop on Community Resilience to Climate Change in Bay of Bengal

Publication Date :01-Nov-2012

Workshop Report - Sub Regional Workshop on Community Resilience to Climate Change in Bay of Bengal

Gender Policy - RCDC

Publication Date :07-Nov-2012

Gender Policy of RCDC 2012 (Revised 28.01.2013)

Perspective Plan

Publication Date :26-Nov-2012

Perspective Plan of RCDC for the period 2012-2016

Report on Functioning of PESA in Odisha

Publication Date :14-Jan-2013

RCDC assigned a task of compiling a report on the functioning of PESA in the state of Odisha based both on secondary analysis and primary survey at field level, to a local consultant organization National Institute for Development Innovation(NIDI) in late 2010. Agreeing with our observation that the report submitted under the same required further improvements and enrichments the consultant made fresh efforts in 2011 and submitted an improved version of the same without any extra charges. However, we found that to make it a public document useful to all stakeholders we need to modify the same significantly and add new section(s) as well as some exclusive analysis to this report. If this modification took almost a year to complete then that is primarily because of the limitations of time on the part of the undersigned to devote sufficient time for the same, but that in fact proved to be a blessing in disguise ultimately as some remarkable developments took place in the meantime helping us to prepare an updated version.

Tendu Leaf Management in Light of FRA

Publication Date :14-Jan-2013

Due to its great economic value as well as social importance, Tendu leaf, also known as the ‘golden leaf’, can and does influence governments across party lines. While revenue from tendu leaves accounts for 80 -90% of the total forest revenue, it also provides the second largest avenue for employment, next only to agriculture. More importantly, it provides employment in the agricultural lean season and enables a farmer to earn money for investment in the next agricultural operation.

Ama Jangal Amara - Issue 57

Publication Date :24-Jan-2013

Ama Jangal Amara - Issue No - 57

Odisha Community REDD Project - Brief Report

Publication Date :18-Apr-2013

Report on REDD+ Evaluation

Booklet on Home Garden

Publication Date :18-Apr-2013

A Booklet on Home Garden

Annual Report 2011-12

Publication Date :02-May-2013

Annual Report for the year 2011-12

Community Forestry - Issue 27

Publication Date :16-May-2013

Community Forestry Jan - April 2013