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The Halfway Mark & State of Realization of MDGs in Orissa

Publication Date :11-Jul-2007

Orissa Economic Survey 2006-07 shows the incidence of poverty in Orissa since 1973-74 to 1999-00. According to the Survey, though the incidence of poverty in Orissa shows a declining trend since 1983-84, it is still the highest among all the states. As per BPL Survey 1999-00, the incidence of poverty in Orissa was 47.15 %: 48.01 percent in rural areas and 42.83 percent in urban areas. Table-1 shows not only the declining trend of poverty ratio in Orissa, since 1977-78 to 1999-00, but also the trend of the poverty ratio among the major states in India. While the all-India poverty ratio in the year 1999-00 was 26.10 %, it was the lowest in Punjab at 6.16%. Bihar, which figured just above Orissa in the list, had a poverty ratio of 42.60%.