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Legal Framework for Panchayats in Bio-resource Governance

Publication Date :18-Jun-2012

Bioresource governance primarily and immediately focuses on the governance of the living entities under jurisdiction, but practically it has to focus also on the non-living/abiotic entities like land and water as they form the habitat of the biotic elements.

From Cash Crops to Carbon Sinks

Publication Date :17-Aug-2012

A study on land alienation in Odisha. The natural-resource-based life & livelihood is fast becoming a tradition of the past with the new generation focusing on careers and livelihood options that relate to a synthetic and artificial world. Resources are abandoned or alienated in this process, CPRs are ignored/neglected/encroached, and household/rural economy is more & more controlled by alien actors. Conventional cropping being replaced by pulpwood plantation is but a reflection of this misery.

Proceedings of the Regional Consultation on Biodiversity Conservation & Bioresource Governance

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

The 73rd amendment in the Constitution of India provides for transfer of power to the PRIs.Accordingly, different states have differently vested a part of these powers to the GPs. The Biodiversity Act, 2002 followed by its Rules of 2004 provides for an additional responsibility,i.e. biodiversity conservation by the PRIs(and ULBs) primarily through the Biodiversity Management Committees(BMCs) at GP level. A study commissioned by RCDC in 4 states of India(Odisha, Jharkhand,Madhya Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh) revealed the status of actual implementation of this provision. A regional consultation was organized at Bhubaneswar on 28th December 2010 in Hotel New Marrion to share these findings and also to provide an opportunity to representatives from concerned states to share their own observations and experiences. This programme was attended by large number(more than 90) of PRI representatives and community representatives alongwith representatives from PRERAK, an NGO of Chhatisgarh.

Proceedings of State Level Consultation on Biodiversity Conservation & Bioresource Governance

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

RCDC, which is pursuing a bioresource governance programme in some parts of the KBK districts of Odisha, organized a state- level consultation on 29th December 2010 at Hotel New Marrion to discuss these issues with an objective to develop bioresources without threatening the biodiversity. More than 100 participants from various parts of the state attended this consultation.

Proceedings of State Level Consultation on New Approaches in Bioresource Governance

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

A one day workshop was organised on ‘New approaches in bio‐resource governance – Climate resilient agriculture in tribal areas’ on 12th Dec 2011 at CYSD – DRTC, Bhubaneswar by Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC) in technical collaboration with OUAT (Orissa University for Agriculture and Technology) and CTCRI(Central Tuber Crops Research Institute), Bhubaneswar.

Implementation of Biological Diversity Act in India

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

The study on the actual implementation of the Biological Diversity Act was commissioned by RCDC in 2010. As the report submitted by the 1st consultant did not focus on state-level field verifications, a second phase of the study was then assigned to another consultant so as to analyse & document the actual status in four different states. Hence, the present compilation has two parts: one reflecting the overall policy scenario and the other reflecting on the actual status in the field-level implementation. However, the study could not contain extensive field information owing to a number of limitations including constraints of time.

Ecological Study Report on REDD+

Publication Date :24-Jun-2013

Toward Sustainable Use of Forest Resource: Connecting Forest Ecology to Village Economy, a study on behalf of RCDC by Dr Debal Deb