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Fluoride Menace in Orissa

Publication Date :12-Nov-2007

Fluoride is the compound form of fluorine. Fluorine is a highly toxic and corrosive gas, light yellow–green in colour and with a pungent smell. Fluoride accounts for about 0.3g/kg (0.06 to 0.09%) of the earth crust. Fluoride bearing rocks are abundant in India. As of result, fluoride leaches out and contaminates the adjacent water and soil resources.

Proceedings of District Level Consultation on Different Issues Related to FRA- 2006

Publication Date :20-Jun-2012

The Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006 is being implemented in the state since 1st January, 2008. Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC) is engaged in proper implementation of the Act throughout the state of Odisha, India including Gajapati district since its year of implementation.

State of Pani Panchayat in Odisha

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

The Orissa Government, with a view to providing equitable, timely and assured irrigation has introduced the concept of Pani Panchayat for PIM. The concepts would finally lead to transfer of tertiary irrigation networks (minor/sub-minors)to registered Pani Panchayats. The responsibility of operation and maintenance (O&M) of the reservoir/ diversion weir (as the case may be) dam, spillways, sluices, primary and secondary distribution networks etc. rest with the department of water resources, whereas the responsibility of O&M of the tertiary systems i.e. below minor and sub-minor would remain with the Pani Panchayat. The geographical extent of the programme covers the entire state comprising of about 16 lakh hectares of major, medium and minor irrigation command areas in all 30 districts of Orissa.

Why Status Report? (On Water)

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

The quantity and quantity of drinking water the citizen get is an indicator of development of the people of the state. Perceptions about the drinking water scenario in Orissa have been a point of debate since quite some time. The media paints the drinking water scenario in the state as quite bleak. One will hardly find a community development block in the state from where the newspapers have not reported water scarcity or suffering of people not having access to potable water. But the claims by the government as well as the government documents give an altogether different picture. Government claims to have provided drinking water to all. At least that is what the statistics of tube wells and water supply schemes in Orissa say. These two different pictures of drinking water scenario in the state is so widely different that one fails to draw a conclusion about the real drinking water scenario in the State of Orissa.

Investing in future

Publication Date :27-Feb-2010

WATER is no longer an infinite resource contrary to the age-old popular belief. Warning bells already have started ringing. Despite efforts by the governments and huge investments, population not having access to adequate quantity of water is increasing in leaps and bounds with every passing year.

Water in News - 05.05.2014

Publication Date :06-May-2014

Water in News Bulletin by Water Team

Water in News - 06.05.2014

Publication Date :06-May-2014

Water in News Bulletin - 06.05.2014 developed by Water Team.

WIN Newsletter

Publication Date :07-May-2014

WIN Newsletter - 07.05.2014

Water in News - 09.05.2014

Publication Date :09-May-2014

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Water in News - 12.05.2014

Publication Date :12-May-2014

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Water in News - 16th to 18th May

Publication Date :19-May-2014

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Water in News - 15.05.2014

Publication Date :15-May-2014

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Well placed

Publication Date :15-Sep-2014

Well Placed: All resident of this poor tribal habitation are affected with fluorosis but were ignorant of the reason. When they learnt that water of the tubewell is the reason for their misery, they waited for help from government. But when that too was not forthcoming they took up challenge themselves and constructed a well within two months with their own contribution.


Publication Date :31-Mar-2015

Chhai: A series of success stories on safe drinking water and sanitation

Schools Still Unclean

Publication Date :14-Nov-2015

The assessment was carried out by 20 civil society organisations of Odisha under the banner ‘Odisha Right to Education (RTE) Forum’; with coordination support from ‘Regional Centre for Development Cooperation’ (RCDC), Bhubaneswar; and financial support of ‘WaterAid, India’.

Jala Jeevan Sambad-27

Publication Date :15-Sep-2015

Jala Jeevan Sambad (Combined Issue)

Grama Jala Parimala O Parichannata Jojana Prastuti Pranali

Publication Date :20-Jul-2018

Grama Jala Parimala O Parichannata Jojana Prastuti Pranali