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Ama Jangala Amara

Publication Date :15-Apr-2009

Ama Jangala Amara

Community Forestry

Publication Date :01-Feb-2012

Community forestry has been commonly defined as involvement of local communities in the protection and/or management of public forests. Such a perception doesn't distinguish between community forestry, participatory forestry and other such related terminologies and therefore ignores the legal, social and other aspects of the actual relationship. We need to realize that such ignorance may sometimes do injustice to the people who endeavour to save the precious forest resources with a spirit so close to their heart and who demand no external interference in their relationship with their beloved forest patch. As per Revington's definition, quoted hereinafter, one of the essential parameters of community forestry should be clearly and legally defined boundaries.

Ama Jangal Amara

Publication Date :28-Jun-2012

Ama Jangal Amara

Water Resources of Odisha

Publication Date :01-Dec-2010

Estimations give an impression that Odisha has plenty of water resources. But the rate at which the myth of water being an infinite resource is breaking, also pose genuine questions on the belief of Odisha being a water resource rich state. Warning bells already have started ringing. Despite efforts by the governments and huge investments, population not having access to adequate quantity of water is increasing in leaps and bounds with every passing year. So what the status in Odisha really is? Let’s have a look at some stats and facts.

Community Forestry- Issue 25

Publication Date :10-Aug-2012

Community Forestry, Issue 25, April 2012

Ama Jangala Amara - Issue 56

Publication Date :10-Aug-2012

Ama Jangala Amara, Issue 56

Report of the Workshop on Community Forestry and REDD+, RCDC

Publication Date :10-Aug-2012

Report of the Workshop on Community Forestry and REDD+, RCDC

Perspective Plan

Publication Date :26-Nov-2012

Perspective Plan of RCDC for the period 2012-2016

Ama Jangal Amara - Issue 57

Publication Date :24-Jan-2013

Ama Jangal Amara - Issue No - 57

Conservation Reserve and Community Reserve in Odisha

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

This report titled Conservation Reserve and Community Reserve in Odisha: A Study on the Potentials and Initiatives Taken so far is an outcome a series of case studies, with collection of information through RTI, other sources like web-portal & literatures, discussion with forest officials, and its detailed analysis.

Proceedings of State Level Consultation & Training on Silvicultural Practices

Publication Date :07-Feb-2013

Bikash Rath, Sr. Programme Manager of Regional Centre for Development Cooperation(RCDC, ), a premier not for profit organization working on natural resource management, also coordinates the IUFRO Working Party on Community Forestry. He wanted to facilitate a consultation process which could help the CFM groups consider incorporation of scientific techniques like silviculture for healthy development of the forest patches under their control. As such, under the facilitation of IUFRO Working Party on Community Forestry, RCDC organized a two-day consultationcum-training1 programme on silviculture in community forestry.

Odisha Community REDD Project - Brief Report

Publication Date :18-Apr-2013

Report on REDD+ Evaluation

Community Forestry - Issue 27

Publication Date :16-May-2013

Community Forestry Jan - April 2013

Ama Jangala Amara: issue-58

Publication Date :19-Aug-2013

A special issue on wildlife

Community Forestry - Issue 28

Publication Date :06-May-2014

Community Forestry Issue 28, May - Dec 2013

Ama Jangala Amara 59

Publication Date :30-Apr-2014


Ama Jangala Amara-60

Publication Date :14-May-2015

AJA-60 is dedicated to Late Joginath Sahoo, the well known Shramik Jogi for his remarkable efforts on community forest management movement in Odisha and India as well.

Ama Jangala Amara-62

Publication Date :29-Jun-2016


Kendu Leaf Deregulation Process in Golamunda

Publication Date :25-Nov-2017

Kendu Leaf Deregulation Process in Golamunda

KAP Study_Chola

Publication Date :28-May-2018

KAP Study of Chola supported project in Bolangir

CFM Initiative in Odisha by RCDC

Publication Date :30-Nov-2020

CFM Initiative in Odisha by RCDC

CFR Management Plan of Jambani

Publication Date :31-Dec-2020

CFR Management Plan of Jambani