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Sub Regional Workshop on “Community Resilience to Climate Change in the Bay of Bengal – 2012”
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RCDC, supported by Concern Worldwide and UNDP has hosted the Sub Regional Workshop on “Community Resilience to Climate Change in the Bay of Bengal – 2012” from 12th to 14th July at hotel Swosti Premium, Bhubaneswar. Climate change is the biggest threat to nature and humanity and is expected to have serious environmental, economic and social impacts especially in developing countries. The Bay of Bengal coast harbouring countries like Bangladesh and India are among the most vulnerable regions in South Asia with a very significant cyclonic exposure and high mortality risk now affected by climate change. Vulnerable people, with their science and resources, are trying to adapt with the impacts of climate change and with the emergence of scientific consensus on climate change, the governments in the coast have also intensified their efforts to tackle the impacts. Climate change policy and actions are already formulated in these countries to strengthen their efforts in sustainable development, poverty alleviation and disaster management. The consultation aimed to facilitate a dialogue between different stakeholders and practitioners to share their experience and knowledge on community resilience and adaptation from the region. The conference is proposed as the first initiative to bring the communities and their agencies living in the coastal areas of Bay of Bengal to share their issues and probabilities to overcome the climate crisis across the Bay and develop a forum on community resilience in the Bay of Bengal region.